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Decision date Parties
11/03/1994 T and Department of Health
07/08/2012 T5Q2EE and Department of Police
22/01/2014 T9HY4J and Crime and Misconduct Commission [2014] QICmr 3 (22 January 2014)
18/12/2009 Tabcorp Casino Divisions and Treasury Department (210910)
04/11/2016 Tager and Queensland Treasury Corporation [2016] QICmr 45 (4 November 2016)
29/06/2015 Taggart and Queensland Police Service [2015] QICmr 16 (29 June 2015)
22/03/2002 Tait and Burdekin Shire Council
16/08/1999 TAN and Criminal Justice Commission
30/06/2004 Tanner and Gold Coast City Council
27/04/2016 Taxi Council of Queensland Inc and Queensland Police Service [2016] QICmr 16 (27 April 2016)
20/11/2001 Taylor and Brisbane City Council
12/04/2000 Taylor and Queensland Building Tribunal
02/06/2015 Taylor and Queensland Treasury [2015] QICmr [14] (2 June 2015)
19/12/2001 TCD and Department of Primary Industries
21/03/2005 Tedesco and Mt Gravatt District Community Support Inc.
13/12/2013 Tedesco and Queensland Police Service (311638) 13 December 2013
16/08/1999 Thatcher and Department of Local Government and Planning
19/10/2011 The Amanda Flynn Charity Ltd and the Crime and Misconduct Commission; 7G5BAL (Third Party) (310313)
08/04/2014 The Barlow Group Pty Ltd and Department of Housing and Public Works; JM Kelly (Project Builders) Pty Ltd (Third Party) [2014] QICmr 12 (8 April 2014)
21/07/2010 The Courier Mail and Brisbane City Council (210964)
22/02/2011 The Courier Mail and Department of Health (220051)
30/05/2007 The Courier-Mail and Brisbane City Council; Various Others (Third Parties)
18/12/2007 The Courier-Mail and Queensland Art Gallery
15/02/2013 The Courier-Mail and Queensland Police Service
10/03/2006 The PPW Group Pty Ltd and Gold Coast City Council
30/10/1996 The Real Estate Office and Department of Lands
04/09/2001 The Redland Times and Redland Shire Council
31/10/2000 Third Party Objector and Department of Justice and Attorney-General; Foster (Third Party)
25/05/2012 Thomas and Cook Shire Council (310582)
16/06/1999 Thompson & Royds Lawyers and Cairns City Council
28/02/1997 Thompson and Queensland Law Society Inc.
23/09/2010 Thomson and Lockyer Valley Regional Council (210896)
06/06/1997 Thorsen and Department of Justice and Attorney-General
30/06/2006 Thorsen and Department of Justice and Attorney-General
20/07/1999 Timmins and Department of Health
17/12/1993 Timms and Department of Employment, Vocational Education, Training and Industrial Relations
05/06/2003 Tinworth and Department of Employment and Training
10/10/2007 TK & UL and Department of Communities
25/11/2009 TLN and TLP and Fraser Coast Regional Council (210849)
31/08/2007 TNM and Anti-Discrimination Commission, Queensland
01/02/2013 Together Queensland, Industrial Union of Employees and Department of Transport and Main Road
18/02/2015 Tol and The University of Queensland [2015] QICmr 4 (18 February 2015)
24/06/2004 Tolhurst and Queensland Rail; Robertson (Third Party)
09/10/2009 Tolone and Department of Police (220006)
06/02/2007 Tomasevic and Department of Health
22/01/2016 Tomkins and Rockhampton Regional Council [2016] QICmr 2 (22 January 2016)
22/01/2016 Tomkins and Rockhampton Regional Council [2016] QICmr 3 (22 January 2016)
23/10/2007 Tooker and Central Queensland Ports Authority
31/10/2002 TQN and Department of Health
25/06/2002 TRA and Department of Health
08/02/2001 Traynor and Department of Transport
26/02/1999 TRD and Department of Families, Youth and Community Care
18/10/2000 Tregeagle and Gold Coast City Council
19/11/2001 Tregeagle and Gold Coast City Council
09/04/2009 Troiani and Department of Justice and Attorney-General
21/08/2012 Troiani and Queensland Police Service
04/04/1996 Trustees of the De La Salle Brothers and Queensland Corrective Services Commission
16/10/2014 Tsai and Griffith University [2014] QICmr 39 (16 October 2014)
13/12/2011 TSO08G and Department of Health (310590)
24/08/2015 TSO08G and Metro South Hospital and Health Service [2015] QICmr 20 (24 August 2015)
21/03/2000 TTI and Criminal Justice Commission
23/05/1997 Turnbull and Princess Alexandra Hospital and District Health Service
30/05/1997 Turner and Department of Health
24/10/2000 Turner and Education Queensland
18/05/2001 Turner and Gold Coast City Council