The art of the apology

One of our functions under the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) is to provide a mediatio...

Fast Track Negotiation Skills Training...

We are now offering training in negotiation skills from 21 to 22 March 2016.

Popular Guidelines

Legal Professional Privilege

Documents subject to legal privilege are exempt from release under the RTI and IP Acts.

Sufficiency of Search on external review

Sufficiency of search is often an issue on review and may mean agencies need to do additional searches.

Information disclosure of which is prohibited by Act

While the RTI Act overrides other Acts which prohibit disclosure of information it preserves some of those prohibitions in schedule 3.

Training and events

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Compliance and audit reports

OIC monitors and reports on agency compliance with the Right to Information Act and the Information Privacy Act.

Performance dashboard

Our progress against set service delivery targets.