TTI and Criminal Justice Commission

Application number:
1993 S0157
Decision date:
Tuesday, Mar 21, 2000

TTI and Criminal Justice Commission
(1993 S0157, 21 March 2000)


The applicant had complained to the Police Complaints Tribunal and subsequently to the respondent, about police involvement in injuries he allegedly received while in police custody in 1989.  He sought access to documents which would reveal the identities of the officers involved, statements of witnesses, and reports of investigating officers.  The Information Commissioner found that various matter, including the names and personal details of members of the public who had provided information, qualified for exemption under s.44(1).


The Information Commissioner rejected claims that other matter was exempt under s.41(1), s.42(1)(b), s.44(1) and/or s.46(1)(b).  While the Information Commissioner indicated that particular witness statements by police officers, and opinions of investigating officers, may qualify for exemption in some circumstances, the matter in issue did not qualify for exemption in the particular circumstances of this case.