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Privacy in Local Government booklet

This booklet brings together new and existing resources into a handy quick reference guide for Local Government officers. The booklet links to several guidelines and resources found on the OIC website.

Templates and tools

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  • What is personal information checklist – use this guide to determine if information is or is not personal information.
  • Neither confirm nor deny checklist – assists you to determine whether an agency is entitled to neither confirm nor deny the existence of a document.
  • Admin access checklist – assists agencies to identify information that may be suitable for administrative access, implement an administrative access scheme and monitor performance.
  • Checklist for camera surveillance systems - use this checklist to satisfy yourself that your agency’s camera surveillance system meets the obligations in the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld).

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Right to Information


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Self-assessment tools


OIC offer a range of training opportunities designed primarily for Queensland government agency employees and relate to understanding and applying the legislative framework.

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