Timmins and Department of Health

Application number:
1999 S0152
Decision date:
Tuesday, Jul 20, 1999

Timmins and Queensland Health (Department of Health)
(1999 S0152, 20 July 1999) 

The applicant's FOI access application was not framed as a request for access to a document or documents.  Rather it attached a document previously obtained by the applicant, and requested certain information relating to the author of the document (who was not identified on the face of the document). 

Pursuant to s.77(l) of the FOI Act, the Information Commissioner decided not to deal further with the applicant's application for review because the Information Commissioner was satisfied that it was misconceived and lacking in substance, in that the purported FOI access application was not a valid application for access to a document held by Queensland Health, in accordance with s.25 of the FOI Act.