Webinar: Responding to a privacy complaint

March 15, 2021 - 10:45am

The privacy complaint process can be used to communicate how both the Queensland privacy jurisdiction operates and how the agency is committed to protecting the privacy of the individuals to whom it provides services. This 1 ½ hr webinar will inform participants how to respond to a privacy complaint that demonstrates both how the agency may have been compliant with their privacy obligations and how the privacy regime complements the delivery of government services.


Decision on Ipswich City Council’s application for privacy principles waiver

March 15, 2021 - 9:06am

On 11 March 2021, the Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) decided to refuse an application by the Ipswich City Council (ICC) for a waiver from compliance with the privacy principles, under section 157 the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act).


e-lecture: RTI, IP, and accessing workplace grievance information

February 26, 2021 - 2:52pm

The Office of the Information Commissioner has produced an e-lecture intended to assist officers involved in managing and investigating workplace grievances.


Updated Disclosure Log guidelines

February 19, 2021 - 1:10pm

The disclosure log guidelines for departments and Ministers and for other agencies have been updated to incorporate key findings and points from our audit of departmental disclosure logs.


Masterclass: Consulting with a relevant third party

February 19, 2021 - 11:24am

This face-to-face masterclass will explore all aspects of the formal consultation process and explain when, why and how to consult with third parties.