162 Suspension on address

(1) The Governor may, on an address from the Assembly, suspend a commissioner from office.

(2) The motion for the address may be moved only by the Premier.

(3) The Premier may move the motion only if—

(a) the Premier has given the commissioner a statement setting out the reasons for the motion; and

(b) the statement and any written response by the commissioner have been tabled in the Assembly; and

(c) the Premier has consulted with the parliamentary committee about the motion; and

(d) agreement to the motion has been obtained from—

(i) all members of the parliamentary committee; or

(ii) a majority of members of the parliamentary committee, other than a majority consisting wholly of members of the political party or parties in government in the Assembly.

(4) The commissioner is entitled to be paid salary and allowances for the period of the suspension only if—

(a) the Assembly resolves that salary and allowances be paid for the period; or

(b) the Assembly does not pass a resolution under paragraph (a) and the Governor in Council approves the payment of salary and allowances for the period.