Overview of section 36 RTI Act

Section summary

Section 36 of the RTI Act concerns 'processing charges' and 'access charges' in relation to applications under the RTI Act.


Sections 25A and 27 of the repealed FOI Act dealt with fees and time periods for applications made under the FOI Act. However, the requirements and time periods under section 36 of the RTI Act are substantively different from those under the FOI Act.

Other relevant RTI/IP Act sections

Section 35 RTI Act; section 55 IP Act
Under these sections, an agency or Minister may request from the applicant further time to deal with an application at any time before the end of the 'processing period'.

Section 37 RTI Act; section 56 IP Act
These sections concern consultation with a relevant third party and affect the 'processing period'.

Section 18 RTI Act; section 22 IP Act
These provisions define 'processing period', 'revision period' and 'transfer period'.

Section 56 RTI Act
This section concerns 'processing charges' and 'access charges'.

Section 59 RTI Act
This section provides that there is no 'processing charge' for a document to the extent that it contains personal information of the applicant.

Chapter 3, part 6, division 3 RTI Act
This section deals with the waiver of 'processing charges' and 'access charges'.

Last updated: May 21, 2012