Overview of section 47(3)(a) RTI Act

Section summary

Section 47 of the RTI Act outlines the grounds for refusal of access to information under the RTI Act.

Under section 47(3)(a), access may be refused to a document to the extent that it comprises 'exempt information'.


Section 28 of the repealed FOI Act provided that access could be refused to an exempt document or exempt matter. The RTI Act refers only to 'exempt information'.

Other relevant RTI/IP Act sections

Section 48 RTI Act
This section refers to schedule 3 for the meaning of 'exempt information' and makes it clear that an agency or Minister has discretion to grant access to information even where access could be refused under section 47(3)(a).

Schedule 3 RTI Act
Schedule 3 sets out the types of information which the Parliament has considered to be 'exempt information' because its disclosure would, on balance, be contrary to public interest.

Last updated: March 16, 2012