132 Power to issue guidelines

(1) The information commissioner also has power to issue a guideline about a matter for or in connection with any of the commissioner’s functions.

(2) The commissioner must publish the guideline on the commissioner's website.

(3) Without limiting subsection (1), the commissioner may issue a guideline about any of the following matters—

(a) the interpretation and administration of this Act;

(b) the application of the public interest test set out in section 49, including examples of the way it should be and has been applied;

(c) the production and management of schedules of relevant documents, particularly to achieve consistency;

(d) the process for external reviews, including appropriate timeframes for completion of external reviews;

(e) when it is appropriate to apply for a declaration that a person is a vexatious applicant;

(f) procedural, technical and sector specific issues in relation to this Act, including documents mentioned in schedule 1 and entities mentioned in schedule 2;

(g) what agencies or Ministers should include in reasons for a decision;

(h) best practice for agencies to improve service to those seeking to access information;

(i) best practice for publication schemes;

(j) best practice for administrative access schemes, including disclosure logs.