78B Requirements about disclosure logs

(1) An agency maintaining a disclosure log must ensure the disclosure log complies with any guidelines published by the Minister on the Minister’s website (to the extent the guidelines are consistent with this Act).
(2) Without limiting subsection (1), an agency must delete from any document or information included in a disclosure log under section 78 or 78A, any information (including an individual’s name)—
(a) the publication of which is prevented by law; or
(b) that may be defamatory; or
(c) that, if included in the disclosure log, would unreasonably invade an individual’s privacy; or
(d) that is, or allows to be ascertained, information—

(i) of a confidential nature that was communicated in confidence by a person other than the agency; or
(ii) that is protected from disclosure under a contract; or
(e) that, if included the disclosure log, would cause substantial harm to an entity.
(3) In this section— 

agency includes a Minister but does not include a prescribed entity under section 16.