Compliance and audit reports

OIC monitors and reports on agency compliance with the RTI Act and the IP Act by conducting audits, reviews and surveys of government departments, local governments, statutory authorities, government owned corporations and universities, in order to measure the extent to which the agencies have achieved the right to information and information privacy reforms. Under the RTI Act, OIC reports on review outcomes to the Parliamentary Committee for Legal Affairs and Safety Committee (LASC), and under the IP Act, reports can be sent to the Speaker for tabling in the Legislative Assembly.

Latest report

Audit report - Disclosure logs

This report presents our findings on how well Queensland Government departments meet the requirements for operating a disclosure log set out in the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld).

Disclosure logs are part of a website that captures documents government agencies have released under the Act. They are a tool that agencies can use to make more information available to the community. This enhances openness and transparency and supports the broader aims of the Act.

Tabled reports

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