Audit of information management maturity

Good information management helps Queensland Government departments to deliver better government, improve service delivery to the community, and meet right to information and privacy obligations. Information management gets the right information to the right person, in the right format, at the right time.

To enable us to measure the current maturity of departmental information management practices we used an information management maturity model   (PDF, 177.72 KB)describing levels of maturity from unmanaged through to proactive information management.

We surveyed departments to find out how they rate their current  information management practices, compared to their targeted information management maturity. They consistently ranked their current maturity lower than their desired state.

Departments would like to achieve a ‘managed’ level of information management maturity, compared to the average self assessed maturity of the ‘ad hoc’ level.

The ‘managed’ level supports proactive disclosure of information and appropriate use of data with new and emerging technology for more efficient and effective service delivery outcomes.

This audit demonstrates the importance of all elements of information management, including strong leadership and active engagement across departments to deliver on expectations and obligations.

Read the full report (PDF, 560.54 KB)