Guidelines - Privacy principles

Guidelines related to the privacy principles, privacy complaints and other privacy related provisions in the Information Privacy Act 2009:

Application of the IP Act

Overview of the application of the privacy principles to Qld government agencies, health agencies, and the Information Commissioner.

Key privacy concepts

Defines and explains important terms and concepts of the privacy principles.

Contracted service providers

Explains and provides guidance around the provisions relating to contracted service providers and the privacy principles.

Transferring personal information out of Australia

Outlines and explains the provisions in the privacy principles regarding the transfer of personal information out of Australia (including web surveys).


Provides guidance on the collection of personal information.

Security, accuracy and relevance

Provides guidance on the security, accuracy and relevance requirements relating to personal information.

Access and amendment

Provides guidance on an individual’s right to access and amend their personal information in accordance with the privacy principles.

Use and disclosure

Provides guidance on how and when an individual’s personal information can be used and disclosed in accordance with the privacy principles.


Provides guidance on the anonymity provision of the National Privacy Principles and the obligation on health agencies.

Applying the privacy principles

Provides guidance on the application of the privacy principles and covers a range of government functions, processes and scenarios.

Privacy complaints

Explains and provides guidance on the rules and framework for privacy complaints, including tips for responding to privacy complaints.

Privacy compliance

Guidance on provisions relating to compliance notices, public interest approvals and exceptions to the privacy principles, and privacy compliance tools.

Responding to a potential privacy breach

Information and resources to help you respond to a potential information breach.