Substantial and unreasonable diversion resources

The Substantial and Unreasonable Diversion of Agency Resources video presentation is designed for agency officers who make decisions under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) (IP Act).

The presentation builds on the knowledge and skills attained during OIC's Substantial and Unreasonable Diversion of Agency Resources webinar. However, it's not necessary to have completed this prior to viewing the presentation.

The presentation explores the circumstances in which an agency can refuse to deal with an application if doing so would be both a substantial and unreasonable diversion of its resources.

It will examine the considerations to take into account when deciding this, explain the steps that an agency must follow before it can refuse to deal and provide tips for effective communication with the applicant.

The presentation draws on agency and OIC experience, and guidance provided in the annotated legislation, guidelines and OIC external review decisions.

It is facilitated by a senior OIC officer with experience in interpreting and applying the legislation, and access application decision-making.

The presentation also includes practical case studies.


00:00 Introduction
01:55 Refusal to deal guidelines
03:30 Course overview
05:12 What is the provision?
06:11 When can I use it?
07:38 To help you decide...
12:02 Before you can refuse to deal
16:18 Practical tips
18:33 Possible outcomes
21:46 Working through the scenarios...
40:41 Conclusion
41:16 End of presentation