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We are committed to making our information assets available free to the community to support open, accountable and transparent government. A moderate amount of information including datasets is collected or produced as a result of our assistance and monitoring, training, external review, and privacy complaint functions. This information will be expanded over time. Access to the listed Information Assets is in accordance with Queensland legislative requirements. In addition, our Open Data Strategy sets out datasets which are available in formats that promote reuse and can be accessed on our website. These datasets are also available through the Queensland Government’s Open Data Portal.

Please note that a large proportion of review and complaint data is not suitable for release due to legal requirements regarding confidentiality.

If you would like more information please contact us on (07) 3234 7373 or administration@oic.qld.gov.au

Information Asset Descriptions

Performance dashboard

The performance dashboard tracks OIC’s performance against our four key service objectives and service standards.

Speeches, papers and presentations

The Information Commissioner and/or the Privacy Commissioner make submissions and develop publications on right to information and privacy related issues.

OIC has developed a suite of online training resources to assist in improving the quality of practice of right to information and information privacy in Queensland Government Agencies and for the interest of other parties.

OIC staff present at forums on right to information and information privacy related topics.

Information resources

One of OIC’s major functions is to provide information and assistance to agencies and members of the public on the interpretation and application of the Right to Information (RTI) and Information Privacy (IP) Acts. OIC has produced a range of information resources. These resources can be found on OIC website and include:


Feedback is important to OIC and provides an opportunity for us to review our performance and improve our services. We survey privacy complainants and external review applicants each financial year.

We survey government departments, local governments, statutory authorities, government owned corporations and universities annually to obtain feedback on our services.

OIC surveys training participants for online training courses, workshops, webinars and other training.

Survey results relating to our key service objectives and standards appear in our Annual Report or available as a dataset.

Audit and Evaluation – published reports

OIC monitors and publishes reports on agency compliance with the RTI Act and the IP Act by conducting audits, reviews and surveys of government departments, local governments, statutory authorities, government owned corporations and universities, in order to measure the extent to which the agencies have met their requirements under the RTI and IP Acts.

  • Results of 2013 electronic audit of agency implementation of right to information and information privacy obligations
  • Results of 2010-11 electronic audit of agency progress on right to information reforms
  • Desktop audit of agencies – list of agencies audited each financial year by desktop audit and type of review
  • Results of 2010 survey of public sector attitudes to right to information
  • Results of 2010 survey of public awareness of right to information reforms.

Under the RTI Act, OIC reports on review outcomes to the Parliamentary Committee for Legal Affairs and Community Safety Committee (LACSC), and under the IP Act, reports can be sent to the Speaker for tabling in the Legislative Assembly.

Gifts and Benefits Register

OIC publishes the details of reportable gift or benefits received by staff on its website on a quarterly basis. A gift or benefit is deemed by the Information Commissioner to be reportable if it has a retail value of more than $150.

External Review Data

OIC maintains data on external review applications to support strategic, operational and workforce planning and reporting.

  • Category and number of external review applications
  • Number of external review applications received including ‘deemed decisions’
  • Profile of external review applicants making applications (e.g. individuals, companies, journalists etc)
  • External review applications received by agency profile
  • Outcome of external reviews
  • Applications for external review by agency
  • Outcome of external review decisions

Privacy Complaint Data

OIC maintains data on privacy complaints to ensure it continues to operate a timely complaint resolution service and uses its resources efficiently and effectively.

  • Number of privacy complaints received
  • Mean average days to make a decision to accept a privacy complaint
  • Number of complaints referred by the commissioner to other entities under section 169 of the IP Act
  • Provisions of the privacy principles to which the complaints relate Number of privacy complaints finalised
  • Number and type of complaints resolved by agreement after mediation
  • Mean average days to finalise an accepted privacy complaint
  • Outcome of privacy complaints Percentage of privacy complainants satisfied with the mediation service
  • Number of privacy complaints referred to QCAT

OIC Enquiries Service

OIC maintains data on the number of enquiry responses (written and oral) provided through its dedicated enquiries service.

Overseas Travel

Details of overseas travel undertaken by OIC staff

Workforce Data

Representation of women/men (permanent positions) employed by OIC disaggregated by annual earnings