What if the document I'm applying for is already available?

The Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) allow you to apply for access to documents held by Queensland government agencies. Many government agencies also make information and documents available outside of the RTI and IP Acts. If this is the case for the documents or information you want copies of, you won't be able to access them under the RTI or IP Acts.

If you make an RTI or IP application for these documents, the Acts allow an agency to refuse access to them because they can already be accessed through other means.1 This applies even if the other access method involves paying a fee.


Some examples of alternative access schemes are:

  • The Queensland Police provides access to some traffic accident reports and property crime reports2.
  • The Department of Natural Resources and Mines provides access to land titles, valuation reports, and other property data.
  • Births, Deaths and Marriages provides access to your birth and marriage certificates.

If you're not sure whether the document you want to access is already available you should check the agency's website or contact the agency directly to enquire.

  • 1 Section 47(3)(f) of the RTI Act.
  • 2 These are available through an arrangement with CITEC Confirm.

Current as at: November 30, 2017