Right to Information Day 2017

Right to Information Day is celebrated annually across Australia and around the world on 28 September.

Queensland marks this occasion by acknowledging the contribution of the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (RTI Act) to facilitating greater and easier access to government-held information.

This year’s theme is ‘Right to Information: Open and accountable government and the media’s role’ and will draw on the 30th anniversary of the Fitzgerald Inquiry as an opportunity to revisit the lessons learnt over the past three decades around open government including the media’s role.

Get involved - become a Right to Information Day partner!

OIC is encouraging agencies and private sector organisations to become a partner in this year’s Right to Information Day activities.

This is a great opportunity to highlight an organisation’s commitment to information rights and support for a more open, transparent and accountable government. Becoming a partner is easy and it’s free.

Download the partner booklet (PDF, 837.54 KB)

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