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2019 is the 10th anniversary of the Right to Information Act and Information Privacy Act. This milestone presents an opportunity to reflect on Queensland’s journey towards a more open, transparent and accountable government that respects and protects personal information.

Your stories

Throughout June we will publish a range of stories about the benefits and positive outcomes achieved through information access and privacy legislation.

Precious keepsakes recovered thanks to RTI

Find out how Sam used his right to access important information (PDF, 801.38 KB), which ultimately helped him track down his deceased wife’s stolen jewellery.

Handing over personal information

Find out how the Information Privacy Act helped Linda and improved privacy procedures at the institute (PDF, 814.64 KB)

Peace of mind

After suspecting a privacy breach by her health provider, Lucy lodged a privacy complaint to find out what personal records had and had not been accessed. Find out how the Information Privacy Act helped Lucy (PDF, 821 KB)

Universities are subject to the Right to Information Act 2009

This story shines a light on how Jo’s information access request ultimately led to a greater understanding of why she didn’t pass her university exam. Find out how the Right to Information Act helped Jo (PDF, 825.81 KB)

Information access and medical records

Sometimes information access requests intersect with privacy concerns and that’s where the Office of the Information Commissioner’s early resolution process can help. Read more about Jack's information access request (PDF, 718.63 KB)

The pursuit of transparency

Since the Right to Information Act came into effect, other legislation in Queensland has been amended to ensure greater transparency and accountability.

One example of this has been amendments to the Electoral Act (1992) and Local Government Electoral Act (2011). These changes led to the creation of the Electronic Disclosure System (EDS).Read more about the EDS and the pursuit of greater transparency (PDF, 1380.66 KB)

Environmental reporting improves information access for Queenslanders

Since 1990 Queensland’s State of the Environment (SOE) Report has always been on the front foot when it comes to proactive release of information – setting a benchmark for other states and territories to follow. Read more about the benefits of adopting a push model (PDF, 969.31 KB)