Privacy Awareness Week 2020

The theme for PAW 2020 was: Be smart about privacy.

Smart technologies have become more and more prevalent in people’s lives from smart phones to smart watches, smart TVs, smart home-assist devices, smart lightbulbs, smart thermostats, smart security systems and smart cars. The concept of smart technologies is far-reaching (rolling out beyond the personal realm) as more urban areas become ‘smart cities’, where technology is used to enhance services like transport, safety and energy. However, greater connection to the internet and collection of data means greater challenges for the protection of personal information.

The PAW Launch 2020 included presentations from:

  • Mr Phil Green Privacy Commissioner Queensland - 00:00:10
  • Ms Angelene Falk Australian Information and Privacy Commissioner - 00:07:10
  • Ms Julie Inman Grant eSafety Commissioner - 00:18:50