RTI, IP, and accessing workplace grievance information

This e-lecture aims to assist officers involved in managing and investigating workplace grievances. It covers:

  • managing complainant's, witnesses', and other participants' expectations around the information they're likely to receive during or after the investigation
  • outlines the privacy obligations that can impact giving information to investigation participants, including the specific privacy rules available to investigators; and
  • explains the different way access may be available to information once the investigation has been finalised, including the formal provisions of the RTI and IP Acts.


00:11     Introduction

05:47     Managing expectations and keeping people informed

14:30     Privacy obligations

27:53     Disclosure to accord natural justice

30:00     Other disclosures necessary for the investigation

31:42     After the investigation: informal access

37:57     After the investigation: specific legislative access

40:45     After the investigation: access applications under the RTI and IP Act

50:08     More information