IPOLA Guidelines and Resources

Through 2024, OIC will deliver a series of guidelines and resources to support agencies and to prepare for the commencement of the Information Privacy and Other Legislation Amendment Act (IPOLA) that will amend the Information Privacy Act 2009 and Right to Information Act 2009.

The amendments will clarify and improve the operation of information privacy and right to information frameworks, better protect personal information and provide appropriate responses and remedies for data breaches and misuse of personal information by agencies.

The guidelines are introductory only and deal with the amendments in a general way. They are not legal advice and additional factors may be relevant in your specific circumstances. Please make sure you have read OIC's disclaimer.


Basic Overview
IPOLA Guideline - Basic Guide to Changes to the RTI Act (PDF, 622.07 KB)
IPOLA Guideline - Basic Guide to Changes to the IP Act (PDF, 562.99 KB)
Information Privacy
IPOLA Guideline - Key privacy concepts use and disclosure (PDF, 522.32 KB) 
IPOLA Guideline - Disclosing personal information out of Australia (PDF, 556.48 KB) 
IPOLA Guideline - Key privacy concepts and sensitive information (PDF, 560.3 KB)
Queensland Privacy Principles
IPOLA Guideline - QPP1 - Privacy policies (PDF, 546.73 KB)
IPOLA Guideline - QPP2 - Dealing anonymously with an agency (PDF, 536.41 KB)
IPOLA Guideline - QPP3 - Collection-of-solicited personal information (PDF, 573.65 KB)
IPOLA Guideline - QPP4 - Dealing with unsolicited information (PDF, 542.94 KB)
IPOLA Guideline - QPP5 - Informing people when collecting personal information (PDF, 274.54 KB)

Other Resources

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