Managing high conflict behaviour

The below presentation is a recording of a webinar designed specifically for participants to learn techniques for negotiating effectively with stakeholders in the Queensland Right to Information and Information Privacy context. The presentation builds on the knowledge and skills attained during our Fast Track Negotiation Skills (FTNS) course. However, it's not necessary to have completed FTNS training prior to viewing the presentation.

We understand that an individual displaying or engaging in high conflict behaviour has the potential to significantly impact agency resources when processing an access application.

The presentation will discuss how RTI practitioners can:

  • identify different types of high conflict behaviour
  • manage high conflict behaviour
  • communicate with empathy, attention and respect; and
  • manage repeat applicants and high conflict representatives by being brief, informative, friendly and firm.

The presentation is delivered by international experts Mr Bill Eddy and Prof Tania Sourdin and includes practical case studies.


0:00:00 Overview
0:01:10 Recap of FTNS Training (Communication skills)
0:03:15 Connecting with E.A.R. statements (Empathy, Attention, Respect)
0:04:10 Fears and EARs for high conflict personalities
0:09:30 Cautions about E.A.R.
0:16:10 High conflict behavior / personalities
0:18:25 Common issues of high conflict personalities
0:22:15 Borderline personality types
0:26:00 Narcissistic personality type
0:33:10 Anti-social personality type
0:36:55 Histrionic personality type
0:44:30 Four key tips for managing high conflict personalities
0:53:15 Respond to hostile emails with BIFF
0:58:25 Dealing with high conflict representatives
0:59:40 Dealing with high conflict repeat applicants
1:05:30 Case study 1 - Frodo: Disgruntled former employee
1:17:50 Case study 2 - Manager Mayhem
1:32:56 Case study 3 - Hermione: The snake breeder

Supporting documents

Presentation PowerPoint slides (PDF, 1010.54 KB)
Case studies (DOC, 35 KB)