Transparency: Occasional Paper Series

The Office of the Information Commissioner has released five papers, which examine the beneficial effects of greater transparency on public sector outsourcing, performance, productivity and policy implementation.

The papers released are:

Transparency and Outsourcing

  • How transparency can increase value-for-money
  • Efficiency and effectiveness of performance
  • The benefits of publicity of performance information
  • Lessons for government and public sector managers.

Read Occasional Paper No. 5 on Performance of Outsourced Government Services (PDF, 787.34 KB)

Transparency in Practice

  • The United Kingdom experience
  • Implementing transparency into public administration
  • Impact on policy and regulatory frameworks
  • Challenges faced and lessons learnt.
Read Occasional Paper No. 4 on Practice (PDF, 466.53 KB)

Transparency and Policy Implementation

  • Using transparency to achieve key policy and regulatory goals
  • The significance of information in influencing market responses
  • The value of making public sector data available.

Read Occasional Paper No. 3 on Policy Implementation (PDF, 1269.21 KB)

Transparency and Productivity

  • The impact of transparency on productivity
  • Potential operational cost savings
  • Direct and indirect benefits of open access.

Read Occasional Paper No. 2 on Productivity (PDF, 780.48 KB)

Transparency and Performance

  • The impact of transparency on public sector performance.
  • Mechanisms to achieve transparency
  • Barriers to effective transparency.

Read Occasional Paper No. 1 on Performance (PDF, 345.48 KB)