Procurement Policy and Plan

1 Introduction

The Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) is committed to ensuring its procurement activities deliver value for money and are directed towards the achievement of objectives outlined in the Queensland Procurement Policy.

2 Purpose

To set out the OIC’s approach to procurement.

3 Effective Date

29 March 2018

4 References

  • Queensland Procurement Policy
  • Financial Accountability Act 2009
  • Financial and Performance Management Standard 2009

5 Application

This policy applies to all officers employed by, or engaged on behalf of the OIC, including consultants and contractors.

6 Principles

  • The OIC will conduct its procurement activities in accordance with the Queensland Procurement Policy.
  • The OIC recognises that procurement activities differ in their complexity and risk, and will align its procurement strategies accordingly.
  • Where appropriate, whole-of-government or common access arrangements are to be utilised to procure common goods and services. Where common goods and/or services are unable to be procured through such arrangements, or where it is not appropriate to utilise such arrangements, sourcing options include:
    • limited offer procurement
    • selective offer
    • open offer procurement.
  • Individual procurement plans will be developed prior to the commencement of significant procurement activities.

7 OIC Procurement Function

Reflective of the size and function of the OIC, there is no stand-alone procurement function.

Procurement activities are undertaken by OIC staff in accordance with directions and delegations of the Information Commissioner. Responsibilities of key OIC staff are outlined below.

Information Commissioner
  • Accountability for procurement for the OIC
  • Determine when procurement activities are ‘significant’ and approve procurement plans for significant procurement activities
  • Approve procurement and financial delegations
Director, Engagement and Corporate Services (DECS)
  • Approve procurement of common goods and services in accordance with procurement and financial delegations
  • Assist the Information Commissioner in maintaining oversight of the OIC’s procurement activities.

Right to Information Commissioner

Privacy Commissioner

  • As part of the Executive team, assist the Information Commissioner in maintaining oversight of the OIC’s procurement activities.
Business Services Manager
  • Procure common goods and services with the approval for the relevant delegate
Senior Finance Officer
  • Execute payment for procured goods in accordance with approval from the relevant delegate.
  • Assist the Information Commissioner and DECS in maintaining oversight of procurement within OIC by:
    • monitoring and providing relevant reports on the OICs financial expenditure
    • as relevant, monitor compliance of contracts for the purchase of goods and services
    • identifying opportunities for savings and benefits in procurement activities.
OIC employees
  • Declaring any conflicts of interest (real, perceived or potential) in procurement activities being undertaken by the OIC.
  • Ensure awareness of the OIC’s Procurement Policy and Plan, and associated delegations
  • Undertake any delegate procurement tasks in accordance with this policy, maintaining probity, transparency and accountability.
  • Ensure all procurement activities are appropriately documented.

8 Governance

The OIC is committed to good procurement governance and will ensure appropriate controls are in place reflecting the scope and risk associated with different procurement activities. Control strategies include:

  • ensuring appropriate delegations are in place
  • separation of activities (relevant to the scale and risk of the activity)
  • regular monitoring of OIC expenditure
  • audits.

9 Complaints

Complaints about procurement activities will be managed in accordance with the OIC’s Complaints Management Procedure.

10 Definitions

Unless otherwise defined, terms in this policy have the meanings prescribed in the Queensland Procurement Policy.