Client Service Charter

What is a Client Service Charter?

The purpose of this Client Service Charter is to set out clearly what our clients can expect by way of services provided by the Office of the Information Commissioner (The Office).

The Office is committed to ensuring it maintains an excellent level of service and access for all clients.

The Office continually monitors its performance to ensure it continues to meet its service standards. The Office conducts surveys of a number of clients it has dealings with to obtain feedback about its performance with a view of further improving its services.

Who are our Clients?

Our clients include members of the community and Queensland public sector agencies and the Queensland Parliament.

Our Role

The Office is an independent statutory authority that reports to a Parliamentary Committee. This ensures that the community can have confidence that the role of the Information Commissioner will be carried out independently, fairly, and impartially.

The main services delivered by this Office:

  • Provide a review of decisions made under the Right to Information Act 2009 (RTI Act) and the Information Privacy Act 2009 (IP Act) by Queensland Government agencies and Ministers.
  • Provide a privacy complaints resolution service.
  • Foster improvements and promote the principles and practices of right to information and information privacy in Queensland Government agencies and the community.

Our Values

  • Respectful
  • Collaborative
  • Focused
  • Innovative.

What the Office Can Do

External Review

The Office can investigate and review decisions of agencies and Ministers on access to and amendment of information under the RTI Act and the IP Act. The Office attempts to resolve external review applications informally wherever possible. However if informal resolution cannot be achieved, a formal decision is issued.


The Office can help you understand your privacy rights and responsibilities. It provides a mediation service for privacy complaints that you have not been able to resolve with the Queensland Government agency. It can give compliance notices for breaches of the privacy principles and can waive or modify an agency’s privacy obligations for a particular purpose or project.

Engagement and Corporate Services

The Office:

  • Provides to the community and government agencies, an enquiries service for general advice and assistance about the operation of the legislation. Enquiries can be made by telephone on (07) 3234 7373 or by email on
  • Publishes guidelines and resources for government and the community. These are available on the Office’s Website and can be forwarded by post or emailed to you upon request.
  • Provides training about compliance and more effective and efficient ways to deliver RTI and IP services, including online courses.
  • Promotes awareness of the principles and practices of Right to information and information privacy.

Audit and Evaluation

The Office also monitors and audits the performance of agencies and their compliance with the principles and practices of the right to information and information privacy principles. These reports are tabled in Parliament.

What the Office cannot do

The Office cannot:

  • Provide legal advice
  • Investigate a privacy complaint or direct an agency to resolve a complaint.

The Office’s Service Commitment to you

  • Your external review, privacy complaint, or request for assistance will be dealt with in a fair, timely and impartial manner
  • Confidentiality: The Office will seek to keep your matter as confidential as possible subject to the requirements of affording procedural fairness to others when dealing with your issue
  • Privacy: The Office respects your privacy and is committed to protecting your personal information
  • Will give clear explanations about what can and cannot be done for you
  • Staff who are courteous, helpful and professional
  • Accessibility:
    • Staff who are sensitive to cultural diversity
    • Staff who are sensitive to physical and mental impairment
    • Clear website with easy to read guidelines, brochures and publications
    • Interpreters and other services may be provided if possible upon request
    • Documents and communications can be forwarded by post, facsimile or email
  • Regular updates on the progress of your matter before the Office
  • All affected parties will be given a chance to respond to and provide all relevant information before a matter is finalised
  • The Office’s final decision will be explained in clear plain English
  • Information will be given about what other avenues may be open to you including your appeal rights.

Unhappy with the Office’s Service?

The Office values your feedback and welcomes your comments.

At the completion of your access application review, or privacy complaint, we will send you our client customer survey.

The Office is committed to resolving any issues or complaints quickly, fairly and professionally. Before lodging a complaint, we encourage you to discuss your concerns with the officer responsible for handling your matter, or their supervisor.

You can make a formal complaint as set out in the Office’s Complaint policy that is available on our website. These complaints are tabled in the Office’s Annual Reports.

Contact our Office or Make a complaint

You can contact us in person, by telephoning, in writing, by fax, email, letter or online.

Postal Address:

Office of the Information Commissioner
PO Box 10143 Adelaide Street
Brisbane Qld 4000

Office Address:

Level 7
133 Mary Street

Telephone: (07) 3234 7373