Youth teaching module

This module is designed to help students develop awareness about privacy issues, and the security of their personal information. Through a series of class activities, students will learn to understand the potential risks and consequences of providing personal information via the internet, and become better equipped to protect their privacy while online.

Learning outcomes 

  • Learn about the different meanings of privacy, and personal information in Queensland 
  • Learn the risks associated with sharing personal information via the internet 
  • understand the possible consequences of posting photographs, messages and other personal information on the internet 
  • Learn to identify security risks associated with social networking sites 
  • Learn techniques to better secure and protect personal information online. 


With technology and the internet now affecting every aspect of modern life, there’s never been a more important time to think about the risks to your privacy, and the consequences of sharing your personal information online. New and converging technologies are providing us with a range of opportunities. So much is now accessible to us online from our homes and personal mobile devices:

  • We can undertake complex research; we can access government services and financial assistance
  • We can do our shopping and banking through our television, computer, or mobile phone
  • We can both borrow and return a recent feature film by dialing up the pay-per-view channel
  • We can even join conversation groups featuring friends and relatives across the world, without leaving home. 
There is, however, a downside to an electronically connected society. Every interaction completed online leaves a digital trail. This trail is not necessarily only available to sophisticated computers, it can be accessed surprisingly easily by almost anyone with the desire to gain information about your identity, your health, your lifestyle, your consumer choices, or your credit rating.