2 IPP2-Collection of personal information (requested from individual)

(1) This section applies to the collection by an agency of personal information for inclusion in a document or generally available publication.

(2) However, this section applies only if the agency asks the individual the subject of the personal information for either—

(a) the personal information; or

(b) information of a type that would include the personal information.

(3) The agency must take all reasonable steps to ensure that the individual is generally aware of—

(a) the purpose of the collection; and

(b) if the collection of the personal information is authorised or required under a law—

(i) the fact that the collection of the information is authorised or required under a law; and

(ii) the law authorising or requiring the collection; and

(c) if it is the agency's usual practice to disclose personal information of the type collected to any entity (the first entity)—the identity of the first entity; and

(d) if the agency is aware that it is the usual practice of the first entity to pass on information of the type collected to another entity (the second entity)—the identity of the second entity.

(4) The agency must take the reasonable steps required under subsection (3)—

(a) if practicable—before the personal information is collected; or

(b) otherwise—as soon as practicable after the personal information is collected.

(5) However, the agency is not required to act under subsection (3) if the personal information is collected in the context of the delivery of an emergency service.

personal information collected during a triple 0 emergency call or during the giving of treatment or assistance to a person in need of an emergency service.