210 Continuing application of relevant information standards

(1) This section applies if—

(a) a contract or other arrangement (the relevant agreement) entered into before the commencement, applies, or otherwise refers to, a relevant information standard; and

(b) on or after the commencement, the relevant information standard is repealed, or the application of the standard in Queensland is otherwise ended.

(2) For the purposes of the ongoing operation of the relevant agreement, the relevant information standard, as in force for the purposes of the relevant agreement immediately before the commencement, continues to apply for the purposes of the relevant agreement as if the standard still applied in Queensland in the same way it applied immediately before the commencement.

(3) In this section—

commencement means the commencement of this section.

relevant information standard means an instrument applying in Queensland before the commencement of this section under the name of—

(a) Information Standard No. 42; or

(b) Information Standard No. 42A.