57 Transfer of access or amendment application

(1) In this section—

agency includes a Minister.

(2) An agency to which an access or amendment application has been made (the original agency) may transfer the application to another agency if—

(a) the document to which the application relates is not in the original agency's possession but is, to the original agency's knowledge, in the other agency's possession; and

(b) the other agency consents to the transfer.

(3) An application that is transferred from 1 agency to another agency is taken to have been made to the other agency.

(4) If—

(a) an application is made to an agency for access to or amendment of more than 1 document; and

(b) 1 or more of the documents is a document mentioned in subsection (2)(a);

this section applies to each of the documents as if separate access or amendment applications had been made to the agency for each of the documents.