112 Application for access to particular documents

(1) This section applies to any document obtained, received, or brought into existence, by a rail safety officer in relation to the derailment before the commencement of this section, whether or not the rail safety officer was carrying out an investigation at any relevant time.

(2) The document is declared to be, and to have always been, a document consisting entirely of exempt matter to which section 48 applies as if its disclosure were prohibited by an enactment mentioned in schedule 1 on and from the document coming into existence.

(3) This section applies in relation to an application under this Act for access to a document mentioned in subsection (1), or for the review of a decision under this Act about access to a document mentioned in the subsection, whether the application was made before or after the commencement of the subsection.

(4) In this section—

derailment means the derailment of the tilt train operated by Queensland Rail derailed on or about 16 November 2004 at Berajondo.

investigation see the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994, section 213B.

rail safety officer means a person who is a rail safety officer under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994.