73 Applications for review

(1) An application for review must—

(a) be in writing; and

(b) specify an address of the applicant to which notices may be sent under this Act; and

(c) give particulars of the decision for review; and

(d) be made within 28 days from the day on which written notice of the decision is given to the applicant, or within the longer period the commissioner allows.

(2) The application may contain particulars of the basis on which the applicant disputes the decision under review.

(3) A person is not entitled to apply to the commissioner for review of a decision (other than a decision of a Minister or the principal officer of an agency) unless—

(a) an application has been made (whether by the person or another person) under section 52 or 60 in relation to the decision; and

(b) the person has been informed of the result of that review or the period of 28 days mentioned in section 52(6) or 60(6) has ended.