Overview of Section 50A FOI Act

Section summary

Section 50A of the FOI Act deals with disclosing certain information in response to an application made by or on behalf of a child.


Section 50A of the FOI Act ensures consideration is given to the best interests of the child when considering disclosing information concerning a child’s personal affairs.

Other relevant FOI Act sections

Section 44 FOI Act
Under this section, matter that relates to the personal affairs of a person other than the applicant is exempt unless its disclosure would, on balance, be in the public interest.

Section 25 FOI Act
An application may be made under section 25 on behalf of a child by a parent or a person with guardianship of the child.

Section 105 FOI Act
This section outlines precautions to be taken when granting access to documents that relate to the personal affairs of a person.

Last updated: March 5, 2012