Overview of Section 42(3A) FOI Act

Section summary

Matter is exempt if it consists of information obtained, used or prepared for an investigation by a prescribed crime body, or another agency, in the performance of the prescribed functions of the prescribed crime body.

This exemption is subject to section 42(3B) of the FOI Act.


Section 42(3A) was inserted into the FOI Act on 31 May 2005 by the Freedom of Information and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2005 (Qld). The exemption reflects Parliament’s view that information of the type described in section 42(3A) is sensitive information.1

Other relevant FOI Act sections

Section 114(2) FOI Act
Section 114(2) provides that section 42(3A) operates retrospectively and can be applied to access applications received before the commencement of the section.

Section 42 FOI Act
Section 42(1) of the FOI Act contains other exemptions for matter relating to law enforcement or public safety.

Section 42(2) of the FOI Act excludes certain matter from being exempt under section 42(1) of the FOI Act

Section 42(5) of the FOI Act defines the terms ‘law’, ‘prescribed crime body’ and ‘prescribed functions’ for the purposes of section 42 of the FOI Act.

1 Explanatory Notes, Freedom of Information and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2005 (Qld).

Last updated: March 5, 2012