35B Fees and charges for access to documents not concerning personal affairs

(1) This section applies to an applicant applying for access to a document that does not concern the applicant's personal affairs.

(2) The applicant must pay, at the time the application is made, an application fee.

(3) The applicant must pay any processing charge and access charge before the applicant is provided access to the document.

(4) However, a requirement to pay a processing charge applies even if—

(a) access to the document asked for is granted and the applicant does not seek to obtain access to the document within the 60 days, or additional period, mentioned in section 31A; or

(b) access to the document asked for is refused under this Act.

(5) If the agency or Minister considers it appropriate that the applicant pay a deposit on account of any processing charge or access charge, the applicant must pay any deposit at the time required under schedule 4.

(6) The amount of any deposit is the amount provided for under a regulation.