20 Notices to require specification of documents in statements

(1) A person may serve on an agency's principal officer a written notice stating that, in the person's opinion—

(a) the agency has failed to publish a statement of affairs as required by this part; or

(b) a statement of affairs published by the agency under this part does not comply with the part.

(2) The principal officer must within 21 days of receiving the notice—

(a) decide whether or not the person's opinion is correct and, if so, whether to—

(i) publish a statement of affairs, or further statement of affairs, as required by this part; or

(ii) ensure that the next statement of affairs published under this part complies with the part; and

(b) notify the person, in writing, of the decision.

(3) If the principal officer decides that the person's opinion is incorrect, the notice is to—

(a) give the reasons for the decision; and

(b) inform the person of—

(i) the person's right to apply to the commissioner for a review of the decision under part 5; and

(ii) the time within which the application for review must be made.

(4) If the principal officer fails to notify the person under subsection (2)(b), the principal officer is taken to have decided the person's opinion is incorrect.