Privacy Complaint Management video

Often, a privacy complaint is the result of a communication gap rather than a lack of compliance with the privacy principles. A privacy complaint is an opportunity to bridge that gap. This is recognised in the Information Privacy Act 2009 (Qld) (IP Act) with there being at least two mandated opportunities for the complainant and the agency to informally resolve the complaint. Agencies should also view privacy complaints as a valuable opportunity to refine or improve their personal information practices and systems.

Designed for agency officers who assess, manage and respond to privacy complaints, the video presentation will explore some of the procedural issues associated with privacy complaints and outline strategies and mechanisms to enable positive outcomes for both agencies and complainants to be achieved. The video is facilitated by a senior OIC officer with experience in interpreting and applying the legislation and will cover:

  • How to recognise a privacy complaint
  • Permissions and exemptions
  • Tips for successfully resolving the complaint.


0:00 Introduction

0:49 So you have a privacy complaint – now what?

5:45 Personal information

7:58 Privacy complaints in Queensland

12:08 Recognising a privacy complaint 30:34 Get out of jail free – the Information Commissioner may decline to deal with or to deal further with the complaint

34:08 The legislation (I fought the law and the law won)

40:01 Multiple complaints

48:33 Remedy for the complainant (What’s in it for me…?)

51:57 Achieving a good outcome (So where’s the bit where I look like a hero?)

56:37 What complainants hate being told

1:02:09 Best practice for managing the complaint (the first rule of complaint club is…)

1:05:29 Saying sorry (Activate the Omega 13)

1:17:28 Support

1:20:34 End