Media release: Artificial Intelligence, e-governance and access rights in the spotlight for International Access to Information Day 2022

The Office of the Information Commissioner (OIC) is encouraging Queenslanders to join communities and government around Australia and the world to celebrate International Access to Information Day (IAI Day) on 28 September 2022.

This year’s UNESCO appointed IAI Day theme is ‘Artificial Intelligence, e-governance and access to information’.

Queensland’s Information Commissioner, Rachael Rangihaeata, said artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential but we all need to be aware of the risks, as governments are increasingly using data, algorithms and other forms of AI to inform decisions.

Ms Rangihaeata said, “AI can deliver more efficient and better services to the community, but it needs to be designed and used in an open, transparent, ethical and accountable way which is aligned with community values and expectations.”*

“Access to timely, accurate and relevant information supports individuals and the community to stay informed, reduces misinformation, and empowers them to make decisions about matters affecting them,” Ms Rangihaeata said.

The signature event for IAI Day in Queensland is the Solomon Lecture. Mr Ian Hamm, Chair of the Stolen Generations Reference Group at The Healing Foundation (a national Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisation providing a platform to amplify the voices and lived experience of Stolen Generations survivors and their families), will deliver the keynote address.

Mr Hamm’s lecture is titled ‘The importance of truth through Aboriginal eyes’ and will highlight the role that access to information plays in decision-making, truth telling and building trust and transparency in government and society.

He said the importance of information has never been greater and universally it is interpreted as the transparency and accountability of government.

“This is incredibly important given the amount of information and data that exists and continues to expand in the modern world.

“But what information matters, beyond the accepted situation, to Aboriginal people? What is the information unknown that Aboriginal people want to hear and need heard?”

The Solomon Lecture is a free event and can be viewed via livestream. Visit the OIC’s website for more information about the Solomon Lecture and IAI Day.

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