SKE and Education Queensland

Application number:
1998 S0162
Decision date:
Monday, Mar 20, 2000

SKE and Education Queensland
(1998 S0162, 20 March 2000) 

The applicant sought access to documents concerning the alleged sexual harassment of several students and student teachers at a high school and secondary college in the Brisbane area by a former teacher, whom the applicant alleged had also sexually harassed her. (The applicant had already been given access by the respondent to all documents relating to the investigation of her own complaint of sexual harassment.) 

In accordance with my findings in NHL and University of Queensland (1997) 3 QAR 436, the Information Commissioner found that information about the alleged incidents of sexual harassment was information which concerned the personal affairs of the third parties, and of the former teacher, and was prima facie exempt from disclosure under s.44(1). 

The Information Commissioner also found that, on balance, disclosure of that information to the applicant would not be in the public interest, as disclosure of that information could prejudice the ability of the respondent to properly deal with future complaints of sexual harassment.