SCH and The University of Queensland

Application number:
1993 S0007
Decision date:
Friday, Feb 14, 1997

SCH and The University of Queensland
(1993 S0007, 14 February 1997) 

SCH and The University of Queensland
(1993 S0036, 14 February 1997) 

NHL and The University of Queensland
(1993 S0049, 14 February 1997)


The focus of the applicants' access applications in these related files was to determine how the respondent had dealt with sexual harassment complaints made by the applicants against certain of the respondent's staff.



The issues for the Information Commissioner's determination included a 'sufficiency of search' question regarding the applicants' contention that the respondent held further relevant documents which had not been disclosed to them (the determination of this issue involved a review of the respondent's central record-keeping procedures), as well as whether or not a student submission, which the applicants had been involved in compiling, contained matter which could be identified as directly or indirectly relating to the affairs of the applicants.  In each case, the Information Commissioner concluded that there were no reasonable grounds to believe that the University held further documents falling within the terms of the relevant FOI access applications.