Renton; Low and Rockhampton City Council

Application number:
1999 L0009
Decision date:
Monday, Aug 02, 1999

Renton; Low and Rockhampton City Council
(1999 L0009, 2 August 1999) 

The applicants sought access to a page dated 24 May 1990 contained in the work diary of an employee of the respondent. 

During the course of the review, the applicants agreed to refine the scope of their access application in that they did not wish to pursue access to any diary entries which did not concern or refer to them, their property, or the previous owner of that property. 

The Deputy Information Commissioner examined the page in question and advised the applicants that it contained no information which was relevant to them or their property or the previous owner of the property.  However, the applicants then asserted that they required access to the diary entry 'uncensored'.  The Information Commissioner held that the applicants were not entitled to obtain access to information which did not fall within the terms of their (refined) FOI access application.