Price and Crime and Misconduct Commission

Application number:
2001 S0073
Decision date:
Friday, Nov 22, 2002

Price and Crime and Misconduct Commission
(2001 S0073, 22 November 2002) 

The applicant contended that certain relevant documents had not been identified and dealt with by the respondent in response to his FOI access application.  However, AC Shoyer held that any such documents would fall outside the terms of the relevant FOI access application in any event, according to the wording used by the applicant.  AC Shoyer also decided that the respondent was entitled, under s.28(2) of the FOI Act, to refuse to deal with the applicant's FOI access application, because to do so would substantially and unreasonably divert the respondent's resources from their use by the respondent in the performance of its functions.