Navaratnam and Griffith University

Application number:
1996 S0151
Decision date:
Tuesday, Aug 03, 1999

Navaratnam and Griffith University
(1996 S0151, 3 August 1999) 

In this 'reverse FOI' application, the documents in issue comprised three letters written by the applicant to the Vice-Chancellor of the respondent containing allegations concerning certain fundraising activities undertaken by the FOI access applicant.  The applicant objected to the disclosure of the letters on the grounds that they should remain confidential, and that he held concerns for his safety and that of his family should the letters be disclosed. 

Applying the principles established in B and Brisbane North Regional Health Authority (1994) 1 QAR 279, the Information Commissioner found that that the letters were not exempt from disclosure under s.46(l)(a) or s.46(1)(b) of the FOI Act. 

In respect of the applicant's safety concerns, the Information Commissioner decided that, on the basis of the material available, there was insufficient evidence to establish that disclosure of the letters could reasonably be expected to endanger the life or physical safety of the applicant or other persons.  Accordingly, applying the principles stated in my decision in Murphy and Queensland Treasury (1995) 2 QAR 744, the Information Commissioner found that the letters were not exempt under s.42(1)(c) of the FOI Act.