Middleton and Brisbane City Council (310320)

Application number:
Decision date:
Tuesday, Sep 06, 2011

Middleton and Brisbane City Council (310320)

6 September 2011


Section 47(3)(e) Right to Information Act – refusal of access

Section 52(1)(a) Right to Information Act – nonexistent documents


The applicant applied to Brisbane City Council (Council) under the Right to Information Act 2009 (Qld) (RTI Act) for access to various documents relating to sewage flooding issues on her property.


Council located and provided the applicant full access to 660 pages.


In her external review application, the applicant questioned the sufficiency of Council’s searches, contending that Council held more documents responding to her access application.


In the course of the external review, the applicant narrowed the categories of document sought.


On external review, Council conducted further searches for documents and provided submission to the Office of the Information Commissioner in relation to those searches.


In view of Council’s submissions, which include details of its searches and inquiries with the Morningside Ward Office and having regard to the decision in PDE and the University of Queensland (Unreported, Queensland Information Commissioner, 9 February 2009) the Right to Information Commissioner affirmed Council’s decision and found that there were reasonable grounds to be satisfied that no further documents existed and therefore access could be refused under sections 47(3)(e) and 52(1)(a) of the RTI Act.