LTR and WorkCover Queensland

Application number:
2006 F0192
Decision date:
Wednesday, Mar 28, 2007

LTR and WorkCover Queensland
(2006 F0192, 28 March 2007)

s.53 & 54E – Amendment of information – whether information inaccurate or misleading

The applicant sought to have two documents held by WorkCover Queensland, a Complaint Summary and a Letter, amended on the basis that they contained information that related to his personal affairs that was inaccurate and misleading.

Assistant Commissioner Gittins partially set aside WorkCover’s deemed refusal to amend the Complaint Summary deciding one of the two amendments sought to the Complaint Summary should be made. Further, Assistant Commissioner Gittins set aside WorkCover’s deemed refusal to amend the Letter, deciding the requested amendment was warranted.

AC Gittins directed that the amendments were to be made in the form of notations to each document.