Kreltszheim and Treasury Department

Application number:
2001 S0157
Decision date:
Friday, Nov 30, 2001

Kreltszheim and Queensland Treasury
(2001 S0157, 30 November 2001) 

The applicant sought access to all documents relating to an investigation undertaken by the Queensland Office of Gaming Regulation following a complaint by the applicant about a wine trade promotion.  The agency had disclosed all responsive documents that concerned the applicant's personal affairs, but informed the applicant that if he wished to access the balance of the responsive documents that did not concern his personal affairs, he was required to pay a $31.00 application fee.  The applicant sought review by the Information Commissioner of the decision to require payment of a $31.00 application fee. 

Assistant Commissioner Shoyer examined several documents obtained by the respondent in the course of the investigation of the applicant's complaint, which clearly contained no information about the applicant's personal affairs.  On that basis, he affirmed the respondent's decision that a $31 application fee was payable, in accordance with the terms of s.6(1) of the Freedom of Information Regulation 1992.