Kos and Education Queensland

Application number:
1995 S0043
Decision date:
Thursday, May 21, 1998

Kos and Education Queensland
(1995 S0043, 21 May 1998)

The applicant sought amendment, under Part 4 of the FOI Act, of information in a report prepared by a school principal in respect of the applicant's claim for workers' compensation for dermatitis, which the applicant attributed to her work as a cleaner at the school.  The Information Commissioner held that, under the terms of s.53 of the FOI Act, the applicant could apply to Education Queensland for amendment of information in documents which she had obtained from that agency, but not in respect of documents she had obtained from another agency (in this instance, the Workers Compensation Board). 

The Information Commissioner also held that most of the items of information which the applicant wished to amend related to her employment affairs rather than her personal affairs, and hence fell outside the scope of the entitlement, conferred by s.53 and Part 4 of the FOI Act, to seek amendment of information relating to the applicant's personal affairs.  There remained five items of information in the report by the school principal which related to the applicant's personal affairs.  Education Queensland agreed to annotations requested by the applicant in respect of two items.  After considering evidence lodged on behalf of both participants, the Information Commissioner decided that two of the remaining three items of information should be amended, and the third should be annotated.