Gresham and Queensland Thoroughbred Racing Board

Application number:
2001 S0159
Decision date:
Wednesday, Sep 25, 2002

Gresham and Queensland Thoroughbred Racing Board
(2001 S0159, 25 September 2002) 

The applicant sought access to documents obtained or created in the course of an investigation into a complaint made by him concerning expenditure by a Turf Club. 

AC Shoyer decided that most of the matter in issue could not qualify for exemption under s.41(1) of the FOI Act because it consisted either of merely factual matter, or expert analysis: see s.41(2)(b) and s.41(2)(c).  He recognised a public interest in enhancing the accountability of the respondent for the performance of its functions in overseeing the activities of the Turf Club, and the accountability of the Turf Club for compliance with the requirements of the Racing and Betting Act 1980 Qld. 

Given the nature of the matter in issue, AC Shoyer decided that its disclosure would not, on balance, be contrary to the public interest.  He also decided that the matter in issue did not qualify for exemption from disclosure under s.40(a) or s.40(b) of the FOI Act.