Gill and Education Queensland

Application number:
2002 S0056
Decision date:
Wednesday, Nov 13, 2002

Gill and Education Queensland
(2002 S0056, 13 November 2002) 

The applicant sought access to documents of the respondent which related to two issues - a school's decision not to offer one of his sons a place in year 8 in 2001 and the respondent's review of that decision; and the respondent's decision not to pay the dental expenses of his other son who sustained injury to his teeth during an altercation with another student at the school.  Following concessions made by the respondent, the only documents remaining in issue consisted of communications between the respondent and its in-house legal officers. 

Assistant Commissioner Moss decided that the documents in issue qualified for exemption under s.43(1) of the FOI Act on the basis that they comprised confidential communications between lawyer and client made for the dominant purpose of seeking or giving legal advice or professional legal assistance regarding the claims made by the applicant.