Crockford and Environmental Protection Agency

Application number:
Decision date:
Friday, Sep 28, 2007

Crockford and Environmental Protection Agency
(210173, 28 September 2007) 

Sufficiency of search 

The applicant sought access to documents, including invoices and receipts, which were required to be submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (the Agency) in compliance with an Environmental Protection Order.  The Agency had located some documentation which generally fulfilled the requirements of the order; however no receipts or invoices could be located. 

Using the principles outlined in Shepherd and Department of Housing, Local Government & Planning (1994) 1 QAR 464, Acting Information Commissioner Rangihaeata found that there were reasonable grounds to expect that receipts and other documentation should have been provided to the Agency in accordance with the Order, but that the search efforts undertaken by the Agency to locate receipts and invoices had been reasonable in all the circumstances.  The applicant had been provided with several documents which, although not receipts and invoices, appear to have been submitted to the Agency in general compliance with the requirements of the Order.  Acting Commissioner Rangihaeata found that the applicant had been provided with all documents of the Agency that could be located by the Agency and were responsive to the FOI application.